Almost every Supernatural episode has its funny moments. But, some episodes are written to be solely comedic while still dealing with some sort of “not natural” occurrences.

While Supernatural is widely recognized on Tumblr and other social media platforms for its heartbreaking scenes, some of the most iconic moments have come from its comedy. Listing all of them would take forever, so I’m going to focus on the ones that came from Supernatural’s funniest episodes.

#3. Bad Day at Black Rock (S3 E3)
“I lost my shoe.”

Sam and Dean come across a cursed rabbit’s foot that gives the person possessing it infinite good luck as long as it’s in their possession. However, the second they lose it, their luck turns for the worst until it inevitably kills them.

A common comedy trope for any movie or TV show is “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. In Bad Day at Black Rock, the writers take that trope and run with it after Sam acquires the cursed rabbit’s foot and then has it stolen by con woman, Bela Talbot.

Perhaps one of the most well-known Sam moments in the series is:

Even when people who don’t watch the show see “I lost my shoe”, they know it’s a Supernatural reference. It’s shown up everywhere from gif sets on Tumblr, to fan art, to merchandise, even memes.

Why the fandom has chosen to fixate on this particular quote over pretty much all other Sam moments, I’m not entirely sure. Though, I’d guess it’s because this line really doesn’t fit into the rest of the tone of the show, making it stand out among the snarky comments and jabs that make up most of Supernatural’s funniest moments. Also, Sam is just so sad and cute when he says it, that it tugs at our heartstrings.

Though this episode gave us one of the most well-known moments in the show, I ranked it at #3 because it’s really the only iconic moment to come from this episode.

#2. Tall Tales (S2 E15)
“Blah, blah, blah…”

In this episode, a Trickster is tormenting and killing staff and students on a college campus by using urban legends such as the alligator in the sewer and alien abduction. Throughout the episode, as Sam and Dean tell Bobby alternative versions of what’s been happening, we see brotherly feuding at its funniest.

This is one of the very first full-comedy episodes of the series; this alone earns it a spot at the top of the list. This episode has also given us several screencaps that have been used in memes and relatable reaction gifs that you’ve probably seen in Tumblr screenshots. Including this one:

Every Supernatural fan has at least one line from this episode that makes them laugh out loud just thinking about it. There’s Dean’s version of the “pansy crap” he thinks Sam is always saying:

Or, my personal favorite, what Sam sounds like to Dean:

“Purple nurple” is probably one of the most common inside jokes among Supernatural fans. And none of us will ever be able to listen to “Lady in Red” with a straight face again.

#1. Yellow Fever (S4 E6)
“I’ll man the flashlight.”

Dean is infected with a ghost sickness that makes him afraid of everything. Literally. Everything.

One of the most iconic moments from the entire series is Dean’s leg guitar.

“Eye of the Tiger” has been forever linked to Supernatural for its fans since season four. Any of us hear the song and we immediately break out into Dean’s dance.

When Sam and Dean check out the place where the ghost died, the sickness has already taken over Dean. Dean, being too afraid to carry his own gun as backup for Sam because “it could go off”, decides he’ll help Sam in a more “safe” way:

When we think of this episode, we all think of the same thing: the funniest thing to ever come from this show.

But my favorite scene from the episode (and one of my all-time favorite scenes in the entire series) is Dean’s speech/rant.

Which brings us to the one line in show that best sums up the Supernatural fandom:


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