riki_riddle_lecoteyWe are pleased to announce and welcome the wonderfully talented Riki “Riddle” LeCotey as a guest to this year’s Count-i-Con!

LeCotey is known for her craftsmanship in the world of cosplay and is often attending conventions around the world sharing her incredible work.  Her skills have allowed her to work not only on her own cosplays like Squirrel Girl, Dr. Strange, Sailor Mercury, and , but also work on costume and wardrobe departments in movies such as Spider-Man Homecoming, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: First Class!  Continuing to build her cosplay empire, LeCotey also competed on the SyFy network show, Heroes of Cosplay and was featured in two documentaries, Four Days at Dragon*Con and Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity.  While she’s a big deal in the cosplay industry, she’s got an even bigger heart!  Riddle not only helps rehabilitate squirrels, but also started a charity called Cosplay for a Cause that raised over $30,000 for the Japanese Red Cross in 2011 after the tsunami and currently raises money for Wildlife Conservation Society!

The Count-i-Con team had the opportunity to interview Riddle to learn more about her craft and she was kind enough to share some great cosplaying advice!

CIC: What is your favorite aspect about cosplaying?

Riddle:  It’s really a whole package. I love getting the chance to be a character it like or a design I love. The process of creating the costume can be very rewarding, there is a great feeling when you can say you made something yourself. Then there is taking a great photo of your work and getting to share it with others.

CIC: You’ve been cosplaying for more than 17 years, what is your favorite cosplay project so far?

Riddle: My favourite is generally what I’m currently working on 🙂 but some of my favourite costumes are Snow White and Rocketeer.

CIC: What projects are you currently working on that you can share with us?

Riddle:In between working I’m trying to find the time to finish costumes that I have had half down for awhile such as Nina from BOF2, Linkle from hurtle warrior and kotobukiya edward scissor hands

CIC: What do you enjoy most about cosplaying at conventions?

Riddle: Love getting to meet people who get excited about the character I’m cosplaying. Also love getting my picture with other cosplayers!

CIC: Any hint as to who you’ll be cosplaying at during Lake Count-i-Con?

Riddle: No idea yet! 🙂 Depends on the weather 😀

CIC: What would be your number one advice to newcomers cosplaying for the first time at Count-i-Con?

Riddle: A couple of tips!

Break your shoes in before you wear them to the show. Also bring a comfy back up pair AND inserts. Might be a good idea to also bring a change of clothes.

Test out your costume around the house before you wear it to the con but also bring a little repair kit for yourself.

Bring a friend. Buddy system is essential!

Most of all take pride in what you created and enjoy yourself!

We hope you’ll come visit Riddle this year at Count-i-Con! We’re excited to see what costumes she’ll be showcasing!  Riddle will be available for autographs throughout the weekend.  Complete schedule TBD, so check back soon!


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