Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When and where is Count-I-Con 2017?
A. Check this out!

Q. How do I get tickets? Can I get tickets at the door?
A. Tickets will be on sale soon (or you can get them at the door)!

Q. Can I pay with a credit card at the door for my tickets?
A. Since Count-i-Con is such a low-ticket purchase, it is not cost effective for us to accept credit cards. Only cash will be accepted at the door.

Q. What’s parking like at the venue?
A. The Lake County Fairgrounds charges $5 for parking at the venue. It is CASH ONLY.

Q. How can I become a vendor?
A. Check this out!

Q. I’m a vendor/artist/guest at Count-I-Con, but I am not listed on the site.
A. Email us at

Q. How can I apply to be a guest?
A. Email us at

Q. What is your weapon policy for Cosplay costumes?
A. We practice commonsense at Count-I-Con and so should you! Do not bring any real weapons to Count-I-Con. Weapons that are clearly props, hand-made, and/or toys will be allowed. Please keep in mind however, the final decision of weapon admittance is up to the Count-I-Con staff. You may be asked to leave weapons in your car.

Q. What is your policy for Cosplay wardrobe?
A. We practice commonsense at Count-I-Con and so should you! Do not wear anything that will repeatedly get in the way of other guests or may hurt other guests or yourself. Please keep in mind, the final decision of costume admittance is up to the Count-I-Con staff.

Q. Will there be revealing/sexy/skimpy Cosplay at Count-I-Con?
A. Probably. If the outfit would be suitable to be worn in other public circumstances (IE. Public pools, beaches, concerts, etc.) we will allow it at Count-I-Con. Count-I-Con is a family event and that includes families of all different beliefs, interests, tolerances, cultures, and creeds. Our guests and their families are free to express themselves in pretty much any way they like.

Q. What is Count-I-Con’s policy on harassment?
A. Count-I-Con has a strict NO-harassment policy. Count-I-Con was established to embrace the vast similarities and differences of the pop-culture community. We are proud to have people of all different cultures, genders, races, religions, orientations, fandoms, factions, guilds, and galaxies. All guests should be able to attend Count-I-Con without fear of harassment or judgment. If you feel you are the victim of such abuse, contact a Count-I-Con staff member immediately and we will take the action we deem appropriate.

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