When you get to the venue, stop in the main lobby FIRST to receive your vendor materials! Then you will be able to load in through any one of the many loading doors around the facility. Do not bring any product through the lobby!


Load in times:

Thursday, Oct. 19th: 10am-6pm
Friday, Oct. 20th: 10am-4pm



Thursday set up: Check in at the main lobby. You and your party will receive wristbands.
Friday: Check in at the main lobby. You will be provided with two wristbands for a single table, and four wristbands for booths.
DO NOT load in before checking in.
DO NOT load in ANY materials through the front doors. You will have access to a side entry close to your space.


Load out time:

Sunday, Oct. 22nd: 5pm-9pm



Check out the show floor!